Sites, plots and camping for mobile homes in Hyères

The mobile home, a place to stay near the sea

Own your own mobile home residential in Hyères, it is the insurance of a foothold in a land of green and kept campsite to enjoy the Mediterranean climate and vacation freely.

Owner of your mobile home, you rent the location to the year in our institution.

Good news, new locations will be created and available from 2019.
New mobil-homes will be installed on plots ranging from 100 to 120 m².
2 mobil-homes will be installed to visit them from 1 June 2018.
More details soon.
For any information, you can already contact the management of the campsite 06 11 88 43 57.

You will ensure that your rental space is maintained and in harmony with the luxury of our campsite for the well being of everyone.

Rent your mobile home

Your mobile home to rent it is possible and easy. We offer our assistance if you wish concerning the formalities to be carried out into the role of intermediary between you and the subtenant.

We offer a telephone reception in case of solicitations and put in relation the tenant and the sub-tenant for the various formalities. We are available every day to ensure the smooth running of the sub lease.